Burrowing Owl

Burrowing Owl



5" L x 1.5" W (total)

Sunstone, variscite and turquoise pendant.

  • Heavily oxidized to bring out the subtle texture of the metal.

  • Pierced brass silhouette of a burrowing owl.

  • Forged sterling silver feather in the shape of burrowing owl’s tail feather suspended by a rose cut turquoise.

  • Faceted sunstone trillion sits above bail.

  • Pendants will accommodate up to a 3mm chain/cord/necklace (not included).

  • Signed and dated on the back, stamped ".925".

This piece is part of a series of pendants representing endangered or threatened birds in the US.
I am starting the series off here in my native Florida, exploring the states extensive and varied bird population and how we interact, alter, and coexist within each other's world.

Conservation status: Has been declining for many years, owing to prairie dog and ground squirrel control programs, also habitat loss, accidental mortality (many are killed by cars). Now considered endangered or threatened in some areas.

Family: Owls

Habitat: Open grassland, prairies, farmland, airfields. Favors areas of flat open ground with very short grass or bare soil. Prairie-dog towns once furnished much ideal habitat in west, but these are now scarce, and the owls are found on airports, golf courses, vacant lots, industrial parks, other open areas. Cowboys sometimes called these owls "howdy birds," because they seemed to nod in greeting from the entrances to their burrows in prairie-dog towns. Colorful fiction once held that owls, prairie-dogs, and rattlesnakes would all live in the same burrow at once. A long-legged owl of open country, often active by day, the Burrowing Owl is popular with humans wherever it occurs, but it has become rare in many areas owing to loss of habitat (information from: https://www.audubon.org/bird-family/owls).

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