3.125" L x 1.75" W (total)

Sunstone pendant is removable, creating 2 pendants that can be worn together or separately.

Sunstone pendant measurements: 1.5" L x .75" W

Labradorite pendant measurements: 1.75" L x 1.75" W

Sunstone and Labradorite pendant.

  • Heavily oxidized to bring out the subtle texture of the metal.

  • Pierced sterling silver silhouette of a hovering Belted Kingfisher.

  • Both pendants will accommodate up to a 3mm chain/cord/necklace (not included).

  • Signed and dated on the back, stamped ".925".

This piece is part of a series of pendants representing endangered or threatened birds in the US.
I am starting the series off here in my native Florida, exploring the states extensive and varied bird population and how we interact, alter, and coexist within each other's world.

Conservation status: Recent surveys indicate declines in population. May be vulnerable to loss of nesting sites and to disturbance during breeding season.

Family: Kingfishers

Habitat: Streams, lakes, bays, coasts; nests in banks. During winter and migration, may be found in almost any waterside habitat, including the edges of small streams and ponds, large rivers and lakes, marshes, estuaries, and rocky coastlines; seems to require only clear water for fishing. During breeding season, more restricted to areas with suitable dirt banks for nesting holes (information from

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