March Meet the Maker Day 2- How You Started

I’ve always loved beads and started making beaded jewelry over 20 years ago. Before that it was macramé hemp jewelry (ah, the 90’s).

I always wanted to push myself into metalsmithing but time and money were always a factor. I learned cold connections and sawing skills at home by trial and error. Also the library was my go to source for anything jewelry related. I’ve probably checked out every jewelry history, technique and instructional book the library had where ever I’ve lived!


3 years ago I was able to take a few night classes after work. Last year I was able to do this full time. I have a lot to learn and many areas to improve. But you know when you love to do something because it doesn’t feel like “work”. Yes, it can be hard, frustrating and overwhelming. Those are the times for growth.

Keep learning and keep pushing for improvements.
Now back to the bench! (I need to post earlier in the day!!)