March Meet the Maker Day 11- Reducing Waste


Day 11 of #marchmeetthemaker “Reducing Waste” Metalsmithing/ Goldsmithing/Silversmithing in general can be very wasteful- from mining, refining, production and end use. I’m glad there are vendors that support recycling metals and sell less environmentally harmful products. But this medium can never been 100% “green”

I utilize recycled metals as much as I can (right now I’m using100% recycled metal). My Distant Contours collection is based on recycling my silver scrap. The earring in the photo are scrap silver and copper. .
I use recycled and repurposed packaging materials.

The chemicals I use in my studio are few, but still very toxic. I follow proper disposal procedures for each chemical to limit environmental impact...PSA- NO PICKLE DOWN THE DRAIN. .
I like to use repurposed/recycled stones from old jewelry (see @ neecejewelers for faceted stones!) .
There are other little ways, like only buying tools I need/ will use (so hard! I want all the tools!) Using LED bulbs in the studio. Stuff like that.