Past, Present, Future
Brass, copper, fine silver, sterling silver, quartz, and aventurine
5" x 2.75" x 0.5"


*Available to purchase through the Online Exhibition & Sales Platform of the Society of North American Goldsmiths.

My pendant was inspired by the concept of Sankofa. The Akan culture of Ghana use communicators (symbols) or Adinkra to express philosophical ideas. The Adinkra Sankofa states “Se wo were fin a wo Sankofa a yenkyi” which translates to: It is not a taboo to return and fetch it when you forget).” Sankofa is represented as a mythical bird with its neck turned towards its back, placing an egg between its feathers. Its feet facing forward, it symbolizes that we should reflect on our past to build our future. I used the materials in the kit to create a medallion, which rotates to show both side when worn.

The front is the Sankofa bird. I used a small part of the oval gallery wire for the eye, the triangle blank for the beak, and melted wire for the egg. I have always had a habit of picking up rocks and hoping one day to make something using them. My found objects are 3 quartz rocks that hang from chain on the bottom.

The settings are the rondell beads melted and soldered with wire to create the prongs. There is also an aventurine crystal prong set on the top of the frame. The back of the medallion is stamped with: “reflect on your past to build a future.” Floral elements created by fusing, melting and soldering components are wrapped around the frame, symbolizing life. This piece combines pieces of my past with my future dreams and inspires continued growth.